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thompsonMeet the individuals and groups who submitted the winning proposals for the enablers challenge, which sought new and innovative ways to better identify, spotlight, and deter intentional or unintentional third-party enablers of atrocities (e.g. non-state actors such as multinational corporations, financial institutions or those who provide logistical support). These winning submissions were chosen on the basis of impact, innovation, scalability and feasibility.


1st Place: $5,000
Electronic Component Validation Tool for New Product Development
Le-Marie Thompson; Founder, Nettadonna, LLC
Bowie, MD
This product idea addresses the challenge of companies unintentionally sourcing microelectronic components from suppliers that produce components using conflict materials. The tool would fill this gap by providing product designers a way to assess and validate that a component has 'conflict free' status during the design and development phase for new products.



mati2nd Place: $3,000
Conscious Vacations
Fiona Mati
Conscious Vacations seeks to put pressure on state perpetrators (and those that enable them) by promoting socially-conscious tourism. Conscious Vacations intends to inform potential tourists by sharing data such as the amount of government expenditures spent on security or defense as opposed to other social sectors, incidents of mass atrocities (and other rights abuses) as well as the amount of government revenues raised from the tourism sector.



3rd Place: $2,000
Combining Front-Line Research with Cutting-Edge Data Mining Technology to Identify and Stop Enablers of Mass Atrocities
The Enough Project
Washington, DC
This project proposes using current platforms for culling, integrating, and analyzing data from various public and private sources—such as those being designed by Palantir for the defense and intelligence communities—to reveal financial relationships and transactions that were previously hidden. The project would combine this analysis with field research and reports from local partners.



ricciardiHonorable Mention
A Method of Identifying and Spotlighting Enablers of Mass Atrocities: Revealing the Ecosystem of Violence - Food Web as Atrocity Web
Michael Ricciardi
Pacific Northwest, USA
The "Atrocity Web" proposes adapting a highly successful model/method derived from an ecosystem analysis which seeks to identify the most critical species in a given (ecological) "food web." This Solver would apply the food web analysis to the task of identifying (potential and actual) enablers of atrocities in a hypothetical "atrocity web."


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