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mike_profIn my professional life thus far, I have had a few achievements. One of them, on which I want to focus in this article, is the event in Tunisa. I was selected to be one of the representatives from Balkan for Convention "Euro-Mediterranean youth facing the crisis: Citizenship, Arts and Transition" . I had successful presentation in Tunisia about situation in my country which is formally democratic but although in transition on the case my tv show.

Im working in NGO Civic Alliance as communication consultant. The part of that organization is TV Show Robin Hud. I work like a journalist for that tv show which funkctions like media support so I have big experience in investigating violation of human rights in Montenegro. That people have a lot of problems with state institutions which don't respect the law. The most of that people are discriminated because of their bad financial situation or because of their political views or because of their nationality. My tv show try to help that people. I think that social recognase is very important for democratic. So, we do that in our tv show.

After this Convention I finded better way to help people who have problems, which is at core of social transition which we aspire.
Also, personally it was an amazing professional and social experience for me. The staff there was really respectful, professional and patient to help me get adapted soon with the rules and the way of working. One of the goal was promoting human rights and it was pleasure for me and my journalism proffesion.

Every day we used to sit in the morning , drink coffee and discussed about what we were going to do during the day, shared opinions on several topics. And later the day was full of different activities. It was an amazing opportunity to get in touch with very notable people who were good contributors in their fields. Those contacts were very important for me and have served a lot during my professional life.I had the chance to get in touch and work with several projects. In short time, I had a very good chance to know the legislation and situation in many countries. Staying closer to them every day, I also had the chance to understand things from a different point a view.


I also would like to say thank you to great people from Tunisia for the great opportunity to come to Tunisia and meet so many fantastic people who participate in even more wonderful projects. I came home with a great energy for work and I hope we will soon have another occassion to meet and work together.

Milica Djokdjurić

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