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Twenty first century, era of computers when media shape standpoints and opinions of youth.

The sign of the time we live in.

Author: Vanja Pejovic

People say that books silently provide learning but nowadays, young generations neglect this and allow themselves to be constantly deteriorated and limited by electronic media and press. Instead of writers, poets, artists who give clear message and lessons with their work, young people choose participants of various purposeless seemingly entertaining reality programs where public people publicly present their intimacy. Thus, instead of accomplished, formed, modern young people appear voyeurs.

Today, young people strive to ideals imposed by media, who largely influence on forming of personality.

Almost everything in life is the matter of choice, and it's our duty to choose the right way. Today, unfortunately, the road of young people is usually wrong. Besides such a huge impact of media, there is specific number of young people who learn the right lesson from different situations and it is up to them to spread the awareness and positive voice and to return their peers on right road.

However, the fact that media have been used to propagate matters that negatively impact on development of younger generation, does not mean that media do not have their positive side. The purpose of media is hearing of the voice of people who want to improve our society, who want to praise positively and criticize negatively.

Thus, we should not be imprudent, but able to recognize the right voice in this urban jungle. Sometimes, it is difficult to recognize good things in the ocean of bad but people always managed to find the light in the end of the tunnel, the light that will show the right way to future generations.

The text is published with the support of the Council of Europe.

The content is exclusively the responsibility of NGO 35 mm and does not necessarily represent the standpoints of the Council of Europe.


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