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Professors, who serve insults as the lesson, are not the novelty in front of the school desks. This is sometimes package with the decoration, as the joke, sometimes directly, anyway, teachers do that because they know that persons on the other side of desks will not report this to anyone.

Author: Majda Pecovic

There are no precise information on how often children in educational institutions are victims of verbal and even physical assault of professors, because everything stays covered up inside the school walls, except in cases when violence is so serious that it cannot be covered up.

In most cases, children complain on verbal or physical violence, such as threatening, addressing children with insulting names, humiliating, intimidating, or sending them out of classes. Although beating is out of use, reports on physical violence sometimes occur such as hair or ear pulling.

In my school, teachers often yell but sometimes offences occur. I am not sure if we should be more worried because they regularly tell us that we are incapable, crazy, mocking us for our names, or because we have used to this for a long time.

But then again, even in such atmosphere, professors sometimes surprise us. Thus, I was sent out from the class once, with insulting and threatening, because I chatted during the class. Due to pupil solidarity, I earned the title "rude cattle" and threat that I would receive F I would never correct.

Adding to all of this that I am a girl, you can imagine how I suffered this. However, I did not tell this anyone, except to my parents. I decided on Gandhi fight, so I stayed calm and decent on her classes, and couple of days later I reported saying I want to correct my grade.

Today, this professor acts like nothing happened at all, she always appraise me for some task. The fact is, that in this manner, everything loses its sense – thus, professors are not our ideals anymore, pupils do not respect rules, and the classroom gets the profile of street.

We must not forget that even teachers are the victims of violent minors sometimes. Although it seems to us-pupils, that physical or emotional violence is harder when committed by the professor, the fact is, that when it is committed, professor is pursued at the trial, gets dismissal whether he or she is guilty or not, but when committed by the student, as the rule – like nothing happened.

Thus, we come to an old story about the hen and egg, which started this chaos, student's bad behavior or lack of ethic of professors?

The text is published with the support of the Council of Europe.

The content is exclusively the responsibility of NGO 35 mm and does not necessarily represent the standpoints of the Council of Europe.

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