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Currently, three religious objects have been built for the three religions in the town Bar

Authors: Tamara Marstanovic and Bisera Atic

Inhabitants of this port got used to the fact that religious objects are built every second season, still they cannot get used to the fear when they face the horde of dogs who have been the décor of streets all over Bar for years. As long as no vaccinated, untrained and dangerous animals walk freely, people in the municipality Bar are not afraid, so the long time announced establishing of asylum has stayed only a promise. Except animals, a lot of our elderly citizens are abandoned, and they have nothing else to do except to wander like dogs wandering streets.

Such problems that bother people of Bar are usually considered before elections take place. Then, asphalt is being filled, boulevards are reconstructed, employments are promised.

However, municipality offices are not the only one that are guilty. We don't understand how it comes that adults behind golden temples and mosques do not see that their children are not satisfied with the content for youth in Bar. We don't have places to meet with friends, we are at the coast but don't even have closed type of swimming pool, the closest cinema is in Podgorica, and don't even have fenced park area for children. But, we have churches, cathedrals, on every step we have mosques and people who are ready for investing in such objects. Until some future elections and attractive promises, at least we will have a place to pray. There won't be much bother for other matters.

The text is published with the support of the Council of Europe.

The content is exclusively the responsibility of NGO 35 mm and does not necessarily represent the standpoints of the Council of Europe.

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