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ar12eurTaking a look at Eurozone economy and crisis, the most common question posed these days was "Is Portugal the new Greece?" having in mind that it might easily become the victim of the joint action, solidarity and "brotherhood" of Europe and the IMF. The subject took place after the current news about this country. To be more precise, there is a sign, that the EU should not help Greece, adding that Spain and Portugal risked being swept away through this situation and the latest news is not encouraging.
eyf_logoThe European Youth Forum (YFJ) is launching a public campaign for a strong and independent Youth in Action Programme for non-formal education, youth work and democratic youth organisations.
From 4th to 11th of July, three young men decided to hike from Sarajevo to Srebrenica. The main idea was to try to feel Golgotha that people from Srebrenica survived (or didn't survive) during the summer in 1995. Haris Jusufović, Meho Brkić and Damir Halilović started their trip in simple shoes, without arranged accommodation in advance, with food only for one day, carrying big backpacks and sleeping outside.


euyuWhile making a weekly-topic schedule for my page, I have decided to have Tuesday for some of those local trends, though, since topics on this page are mostly related to economics and finance, almost everything I write about the euro area is somehow related to Montenegro.
MSI don't really understand what is meant with the term 'money', so I'll skip it. We are already buying money by taking a loan, and the bank is regularly selling it.


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