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"It is possible to elaborate a radical socialistic program from the Christ's sermons, either you believe in God or not. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ's sermons, parabola and thoughts had been collected by the fishermen who couldn't read nor write. Sometimes I say: Jesus converted water to wine and multiplied fish and bread; it is the same thing that we want to do, to multiply fish and bread", are the words of Fidel Castro.

After the war in Kosovo in 1999, Mitrovica has been divided city that operates with two municipalities in Albanian and Serbian. All sports facilities (stadiums, sports halls) have remained in the southern part. Because of the situation which has lasted more than ten years the citizens of Northern Mitrovica, do not use these facilities in South and South Mitrovica citizens do not use the facilities in Northern.

Josevik village, 14 km near Kosovska Mitrovica, is a small village with several hundred local residents. Although small, it has a lot of young people who want to stay in it, in their own country, in Kosovo. However, the place is not rich, but it’s vivid.

Dear Europe,

Sorry about the cloud of ash over your heads & that u can't travel anywhere. We feel just the same.

Sincerely, Bosnia and Herzegovina


homelessThe International Roma Day was few days ago.


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